Certificate In Entrepreneurship

Digital Design students are invited to take a series of three classes and receive a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado Denver School of Business.   This set of classes has been created specifically to educate design students in practical aspects of entrepreneurship, business practices, copyrights and contracts and business development.

Though this is not required the Digital Design faculty strongly encourage students to take one or all of these classes as it will better prepare you to enter the work force as well as further separate yourselves from other recent graduates entering the work force.

To receive the certificate students will need to successfully complete the following classes:

ENTP 3000 – Principles of Entrepreneurship

Focuses on the concepts, skills, know-how, practical information, attitudes and alternatives that are relevant for start-up companies. The materials are designed to enhance the student’s capacity to anticipate HR, financial, marketing problems through the application of proper planning. The primary objective of the course is to teach participants the practical aspects of entrepreneurship in order to change the odds of success.

ENTP 3500 – Entrepreneurship Law & Ethics

Students are taught to identify and resolve legal and ethical issues of particular interest to entrepreneurs, emphasizing hands-on experience with drafting commonly-used legal documents.  Topics include intellectual property, business organizations, employment relationships, marketing/advertising law and contracts.

 ENTP 3780 – Preparing A Business Plan

This course is designed to assist students who want to turn their new business idea into a viable new business concept through the development of a comprehensive business plan. This course teaches the process and the key steps for preparing a business plan for a new business venture. A well developed business plan is critical to new venture success and includes the following: analysis of the potential demand for the product or service and the potential customers; identifies competitive advantages and strategies, and marketing strategies; generates pro forma financial projections; and, describes the management team needed successfully lead the business.   Prerequisites: ENTP 3000 and ENTP 3500.

Digital Design students are approved to use six credit hours (two courses) from this certificate toward their Visual Arts Electives. If students only have one Visual Arts Elective course remaining, it is highly recommended that they take ENTP 3500 Entrepreneurship Law and Ethics.

If you have any questions about the certificate program, feel free to contact the Business School at 303-315-8100 or Brian DeLevie (brian.delevie@ucdenver.edu). Please also contact CAM Advising (CAMadvising@ucdenver.edu) to discuss further how these Business courses may fit into your overall degree plan.

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