3D Motion Links

Here are some links to sites where you can learn more about 3D Motion. If you know of more, post them in the comments area and I will eventually add them to the list.

Online Tutorials:

Cineversity | Unity3DStudent | Design3.comRobert Redman

Discussion Forums:

Postforum | CGTalk | CreativeCow

Showcase of Motion Graphics:

Motionographer | Watch the Titles | Cargo Collective | One Dot Zero



Rapid Prototype Printing:

Shapeways | Modeling for Rapid Prototypes in C4D

These are some links to alumni of 3D motion and some UCD grads that use 3D in their work quite a bit. If you have a site, went through Multimedia or Digital Design and are using 3D motion in your work please drop us a link and we’ll add you to our list:

Rassamee Ruangsri | Elizabeth Edwards | Ryan Mast | Gerald Hoenings | Katrina Mosimann | Nikita Soludukhin | Jess Wellington | Michael Baker | Asterisk Loftis | Antonio Cicarelli


Procedural game creation | Google Maps Racing GameCraig Kalpakjian | Adam Espinoza | Imaginary Forces | Friends of Mine | Jeremy Lindenmier

7 thoughts on “3D Motion Links”

  1. I decided to chose a couple commercials that came out over the summer. I know the fabric in this AT&T commercial is computer generated and that they used a filming tool called CGI, which I am unfamiliar with but I thought it might be interesting to discuss how to do something similar to this.

  2. This example has a lot going on. A lot of 3d shapes and and a lot of different animation happening simultaneously to different sections- I was curious about how difficult this is to do.

  3. This is a sleek site with tutorials by a guy who worked at Digital Kitchen. He’s a great communicator, easy to listen to and understand – which makes a big difference when learning complicated tools & concepts.

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