Core Exercise – Perpetual Motion Bird Toy

Recreate the animation at the end of this exercise to build your skills in Cinema 4D. For this first Core Exercise I have included a screen-shot of the hierarchy and I have shown the single parameter that was key frame animated.

Note: I changed the Main Light shadow from Soft Shadow to Area and I turned on Ambient Occlusion, and blurred reflections for a better look. Stick to the Default New Material as I did for this exercise. Try to create better timing and a more interesting camera angle than what I have shown here.

UCD 3D Motion Class: Render the final movie at 640X480 resolution and export in H264 format. Turn in the finished movie and your project files on SmartClass by start of class.

You will need to view the following learning modules to understand the principles that were used in the construction of this animation.

Menu Overview
Parent Child Intro
Modeling Using Parenting
Rotation Planning using Parenting
Object and World Space Rotation
Using Presets

Animation Overview
Setting Keyframes
Adjusting Keyframes
F Curves (optional)

Lighting Types
Three Point Lighting

Basic Render Setting
Ambient Occlusion

Assigning Materials(Textures)
Environment vs Reflection

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