Core Exercise – Model an Octopus!

Core Exercise #2

Model an Octopus using Box Modeling techniques to create a seamless polygon model. This means that all of your polygons will be connected into a ‘watertight’ mesh (excluding the eyes).  You will need to model this with HyperNurbs and you will need to use the Symmetry object as explained in the tutorial videos.

Feel free to draw your own Octopus, and give it your own personality. The required elements include:

  • 8 legs including suction cups on each leg
  • Must be a seamless mesh as demonstrated in the tutorials
  • Must have symmetrical eye sockets as part of the mesh

You’ll need to watch these modules:

From the Modeling section:
Polygon Modeling
Intro to HyperNurbs
Symmetry Object
Modeling from a Drawing
Polygon Box Modeling

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