This section contains lessons on how to model objects and use primitive shapes in Cinema 4D.

One thought on “Modeling”

  1. Does anyone know what I should do to sort of fold a piece of geometry? I am trying to make a pinwheel…I found a 3D model online to use as a guide but I can’t figure out how they folded the corner over…here’s the link.I’ve made a spline (triangle) and tried bending it, deforming it…I just cant get it to look decent!

    Rose, there are a number of ways to do this. You could start with a Cube, make sure it has enough sub-divisions along one axis, say the Y axis. Make it tall and skinny like a piece of paper. You can ‘stack’ deformers, each one effects it before it gets to the next one, so start with a Taper. Then use a Bend to flop it over, and then a Twist to give it a little twirl. You may have to re-order Bend and Twist.

    Second option, create a Spline Nurbs Sweep object, first spline is a rectangle as a profile to sweep along a spline Nurbs. The sweep spline should flop it over on itself, and then adjust the Sweep Nurbs scaling to make it get smaller.

    Either way, put them all into an Array to duplicate and rotate them four times.

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