Working with Green Screen footage (alpha channels)

Part 1 – Color correction and using Color Range to define the green screen knockout.

Part 2 – Adding a mask shape for edge problems and stationary areas that interfere with the alpha channel.

Part 3 – Refining the edge depending on your usage, a silhouette or iTunes effect for example.

Part 4 – Inserting video into the alpha with a Track Matte. Also, special effects to enliven video footage.

Extras – Fixing the missing parts by exporting a layered file to Photoshop, adjusting and adding layers and importing back into After Effects.*

Extras – How to make a seamless loop. You will need more footage than the length of your clip, so make sure to prepare the piece by having ‘heads and tails’.

*As a note, after much discussion and brainstorming about how to set this up, it was finally determined that we should have asked the model to lay on the floor and pedal in the air. If we propped up her back, her hair would still fall somewhat naturally and we would not have to get rid of the props (or build them to begin with!).

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