Digital Design Portfolio Overview

Admission to Digital Design, as a major or minor, and the Scientific Media Design major requires a portfolio review. Two design classes are open to students prior to admission –  FINE 2405 Intro to Digital Design and  FINE 2415 Typography.  All other design classes require acceptance into the Digital Design program.  Please contact the CAM Advising office for details and questions about transferring from another school. Students who are applying for entrance into the BFA Digital Design emphasis (minors and majors) and the Scientific Media Design major are required to submit portfolio for review.

The purpose of the Portfolio Review is to ensure that students are learning the skills required for successful completion of the program. Portfolios are reviewed by members of the Digital Design faculty.  The final score determines a result of either a Pass or a No Pass.

The Digital Design and Scientific Media Design programs are both a fall start programs. Upon acceptance you will earn exclusive access to upper-division Digital Design and Scientific Media Design classes.  Students who have not passed the Portfolio Review, regardless of experience or class standing, are not qualified and will be blocked from enrolling or taking Digital Design classes.

Do not assume that having received good grades in classes assures a passing score in the Review. Course grades are determined by factors such as attendance, participation, quizzes and tests, reading assignments, process work, exercises, and software skills as well as the creative work. Portfolio pieces for the Portfolio Review, however, will be judged according to their own merits, without reference to all the factors named above.

This Portfolio Review is based primarily on creative performance and cumulative GPA. Supporting documentation such as a writing sample, contextual statements, and the like contribute to the evaluation as secondary elements. The focus of the Portfolio Review is on the totality of the creative work presented, with emphasis placed on the ability to demonstrate the expertise needed to be successful the Digital Design program.

All portfolio will be submitted using the online portfolio service Slideroom. You can find instructions for submitting your portfolio on the Portfolio Submission Instructions page.


Please contact for program and portfolio information, or contact the digital design area head, Brian DeLevie, at