Portfolio Submission Instructions

Step 1: Registration

To submit a portfolio students must register and set up an account on Slideroom.

Step 2: Selecting Work

Your portfolio must include a Design Project and 5 additional examples of your work. The Design Project asks for multiple images and writing, these do not count towards your 5 examples of your work.  Details about choosing those 5 images are below.

Your complete application must be comprised of the following:

  • Follow all instructions to complete the Design Project.  Writing is important, make sure that you include the required written elements of the design project (no more than 400 to 500 words in length). Your writing should demonstrate your critical thinking skills regarding your work, process, design choices and your ability to address the assignment in a notable way. Refer to the Digital Design Portfolio Rubric on the Evaluation Process page for requirements, guidance, and criteria.
  • 1 project or exercise from FINE 2405 Introduction to Digital Design (or equivalent for a transfer student). Label the image with the project/exercise name and class.
  • 2 projects or exercises from FINE 2415 Typography (or equivalent for transfer students). Label the image with the project/exercise name and class.
  • 2 additional creative works. They can be your original design, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, painting, video (no longer than 2 minutes in length), freelance design work, etc. All pieces will need to be in digital format.

Note:  the digital design program page is out of date when it describes 13-16 images required for the portfolio.  Submit only the Design project and 5 images as instructed above.

Step 3: Portfolio Submission

Properly prepared application submissions must up uploaded to Slideroom by the Application Deadline. Late submissions due to technical difficulties on the part of the applicant will NOT be accepted.

Technical Issues

If you have technical issues or questions you can find detailed information regarding the submission process here. You can also contact Slideroom directly by emailing them at Email Support.


Notices will be emailed as soon as faculty have reviewed all applications and made their determinations, usually within 2 weeks from the Application Deadline.

Important Notes

    • All submitted creative works must include a brief explanation of the assignment (if it was for a class), concept and creative process behind each piece.
    • Include notes about imagery used, if it was original, and if not, where it was sourced.
    • Work should be selected with an emphasis on conceptual and creative solutions. Choose work that best demonstrates your ability to be successful in the Digital Design program. Refer to the Evaluation Process page for requirements and evaluation criteria under the Evaluation section.
    • A series of images/design should be submitted as a single mult-page PDF and will count as one submission


  • Digital design faculty will be happy to review your work prior to submission, but we cannot show you examples of past portfolios. Design faculty includes Bryan LeisterBrian DeLevie, Michelle Carpenter and Travis Vermilye.