Barcelona – Catalan Design, Architecture and Culture

Culture + Tradition + Design  + Business = Summer 2017



Explore design, architecture, history and culture in Barcelona – one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world!

Located at the Mediterranean sea, in the very north of the Spanish coast, few European cities can compete with Barcelona’s blend of medieval streets, modernist architecture, and bustling cosmopolitan life style. From its earliest history to the present day art, design and architecture have always been deeply embedded in the cultural identity of the city and in its way of life.

On this journey students will visit with professional designers and architects, explore the city through walking tours, museum visits, and have free time to bask in all of the styles, materials, textures, and technologies that Barcelona has to offer.

Through these unique personal, cultural and educational experience, students will consider how the culture and aesthetics of Catalan art, architecture, design are not only a valued part of daily Spaniard life, but how the creative fields are used not just to preserve the past but to create and ensure a vibrant and economically sound future.

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What the program includes

  • Tuition for two courses (undergraduate or graduate)
  • International health and evacuation insurance
  • Housing in shared facilities
  • Metro Pass
  • Entrance to museums, cultural sites, etc.
  • Travel to surrounding cities
  • Farewell Dinner
  • Art Exhibition in Denver, Colorado



Tentative Cultural Activities and Excursions




Scholarships will be available through CAM and Global Studies – Please check back for up-to-date information. 




Class and Cost

  • Open to to both undergraduate and graduate students
  • No prerequistes
  • FINE 4050/5050 and 4450/ 5450 – Counts as 6 elective credits
  • Financial aid is available for UC Denver students
  • Students may use their existing financial aid (to do be sure to not use all of your aid during the spring semester)
  • Tentative Cost of program  between $5000 and $5500 (includes  reisidences and all class travel while in Barcelona)
  • Costs do not include Air fare, meals and personal expenses

Length of Class:

17 – 19 days in Barcelona, 4 in Denver, Colorado

Tentative Dates:

May 28 – Depart, NOTE: Students must arrive at El Prat Airport in  Barcelona on May  29th.

May 29- June 17 -Barcelona, Figueres/Girona, Sitges, Bilbao

June 18 – Depart for U.S. or students pursue independent travel

July 5 – 7 – Class meets in  Denver



Questions? Faculty Information

  • Bryan Leister – Associate Professor Digital Design, Visual Arts, College of Arts and Media. College of Arts and Media.
  • Brian DeLevie – Associate Professor Digital Design, Visual Arts, College of Arts and Media.